Guarneri Model Violin, Germany Circa 1910 – SOLD – 2/13/21


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Bears the Label:

Joseph Guarnerius fecit
Cremonæ anno 1734 – THS

This Joseph Guarneri German violin is a fine trade instrument. German shops produced hundreds of thousands of violins from the late-19th century up through the mid-20th century. These were student instruments of a higher grade that have stood the test of time and have become instruments for players looking for good quality and excellent sound. The hand work, craftsmanship, and antiquing look has been lost in this level of instrument today. There are some minor condition issues with a small top repair leading down from the ƒ hole on the bass side. The repair has been professionally done and will outlast us. We have bushed two peg holes, cut a new set of ebony pegs, new Despiau bridge, sound post, and installed a German Wittner tailpiece. The instrument shows some beautiful worn patina and has been artistically touched up. The wear is natural and looks beautiful because it is an instrument that was played, not just left in a case.

The sound is strong, warm, and leans to the dark side. I loved its clean and crisp tone off the string. The tone is mature, full of life, and is an instrument for the player who wants to be heard. The instrument also works well at different dynamic levels and is consistent throughout the entire register. The violin is suitable for players at many levels. I recommend this older European violin for the player looking for a nice step-up instrument.

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