Gorgeous TIM Violin 1921 – SOLD 7/16/2019


Label reads:

Ton-instrument System Inq. Markstein
Arthur Lion Wein I, Holowratring 1921
No. 830
TIM trademark

The firm of Tim-Geigen was based in Vienna. Markstein, an engineer who developed a treatment for tone-wood trademarked his instruments. The Tim-Geigen violins endeavored to reproduce the sound of old instruments through a special process that would re-shape the structure of the wood cells. However, the instruments were made in Mittenwald, Germany. Mittenwald was famous German hub for old world violin making only outproduced in fine violins by the makers in and around Markneukirchen. Ours is in excellent condition and is enrobed in an orange-brown varnish on a golden amber-brown base. Patina was added to instrument to give it a certain older look – very well done and the instrument bears the TIM brand on the button. The company was a success as a whole and our TIM violin has a rich mature sound. The sound stands out. The tone is gorgeous as in the title and the tone sustains and is smooth like rich chocolate. The sound is immediate and the response lively when touched with a good bow. I fell in love with the sound on all four strings. This is a WOW in my book! I call these sleepers. A fantastic sounding violin for a special trade instrument almost 100 years old.

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