Gorgeous, Old Markneukirchen Violin, Circa 1880’s – Fantastic Sound!


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This older Markneukirchen violin bares no brand or label with an exact maker’s name. Mr. Judd believes the instrument to be from a good workshop in the Markneukirchen area of Germany. The violin was made by a young craftsmen or journeymen (slightly older 4-5 years’ experience under their belt) at the height of the German violin making renaissance. During this period 1840-1930 the towns all around Markneukirchen and Adorf and south around Nuremberg, Erlangen and Bubenreuth were at the pinnacle of German violin making. Our violin is a sleeper. It is an instrument of quality construction that contains a neck graft, all new bushings in the scroll, new finger board and the classic arching in the plates. The patina in the hand drawn varnish is beyond beautiful – gorgeous, the varnish being a golden amber-brown on a golden ground. We have completed the instrument in rosewood fittings.
Corpus 357.0 mm – Major Width 206.5 mm – Minor Width 165.0 mm – Rib Height 31.0 mm
This violin has what I call a Wow! sound. A rich lush tonal center. The G and D really pump and ring. The sustain is very noticeable and mature in character. This low sound is complemented with an engaging beautiful treble E and A string. The top two strings sing and are inviting to play. The treble side balances the bottom and does not disappoint at all. The violin is easy to play and has sound quality found in violins two to three times its price. It has a stunning look and a sound indicative of an older instrument. This violin would be a terrific choice for a talented player not worried about a name. It’s all about three things: sound, sound, and sound.