Gorgeous Dresden Violin circa 1870-1885 – SOLD 3/19/2020


This violin stands out in a crowd. The wood choice is beautiful as well as the scroll work and arching. The violin has been restored and features all new bushed peg holes and new ebony pegs, Despiau Grade A bridge, ebony tail, chin rest, and end button. The instrument was purchased by Clarence E. Steere who owned a group of music stores in and around Worcester, MA. I’m certain Steere’s Music stores had fine violins because Clarence played and restored violins. He was a string repair man, violinist, store owner, singer in his church’s choir, orchestra director, and also known as a piano tuner for the entire Worcester area. Steere’s stores operated from 1869 -1920 and one of his store labels is still in the violin.
The sound of the violin is a wow! The tone is dark and rich bass in the G & D strings even in the upper 5th, 6th, and 7th positions. The instrument sings. The treble matches the bass but with a sweetness and clarity that does not disappoint. A player will not be able to put this violin down. If we knew who the actual maker of the German violin was the instrument would sell for twice the price. This violin is a gem, ready for a serious player and good to go another 100 + years.

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