High Grade Markneukirchen Violin, Ca. 1850’s – SOLD 9/12/2019



Stefanini Giuseppe
Fece in Lugo 1950

We are pleased to offer this well constructed trade violin made in Germany post WWII. Germany was economically ruined, and their struggle caused many instruments to appear with labels of non-descript makers and places of origin that had no connection to Germany. This was done just to get the item sold. This violin is definitely one of those instruments. The construction is high in quality and the varnish is hand drawn. The color is of a light amber-brown with just a hint of orange highlights all under a light patina which gives the instrument some character.

The sound on the violin is wonderful and lush. It surprised me as I started to play. It is one of those instruments which lacks nothing tonally. Well-balanced on all four strings, it has a rich bottom and a sophisticated treble voice. This would be a good fit for the intermediate player looking to up his or her game with a European instrument.

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