German Trade Violin Bow c. 1950 non-branded Octagonal Bow – SOLD JANUARY 2, 2024 –


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We have a good playing bow in octagonal-section that feels very nice in my hand. It has excellent balance and is flexible yet firm. The bow was made in the mid-20th century and is of German workmanship. The pernambuco bow has a gorgeous light brown color, with well carved facets, and in our workshop we gave the bow a new tip and silver winding with leathers. At the bow’s origin the mortise was squared up with chisel work, and the head and mortise are examples of finer journeyman work rather than first or second year apprentice work. The Parisian eye ebony frog is fully lined and has a three-piece endscrew mounted in nickel silver. It is well made, and it has no issues. The stick is a sleeper for sure – a pernambuco bow at a nice price.

Weight fully haired 57.4 grams.