German Strad Pattern 15 3/8″ Viola


This viola bears the Strad Label:

Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis
Faciebat Anno 17—
Made in Germany

The condition of this instrument is generally excellent. The varnish had some scuffs and slight dents but retains its quality and integrity. We have replaced two corners on the top plate and cut all new fittings to bring this trade instrument up quite a few notches. The viola has been touched up, cleaned, does contain patina but is very attractive.
The instrument is a winner for the player who is looking for a smaller viola that fits the bill for playability, vibrating length, comfort and a tonal palate. The sound is consistent throughout the register with the proper woody and reediness that makes a viola charming. The tone is strikingly engaging, warm and rounded in color without sacrificing power.

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