Georges Coné 1913 Violin – SOLD FEBRUARY 8, 2023 –


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Georges Coné et fils
á Lyon l'An 1913 No. 107

This Georges Coné (1877-1950) is a fine French violin no. 107 dated 1913. Coné spent much of his youth in Mirecourt, a hub of violin making and training. He also worked under Paul Blanchard and with another Blanchard student Emile Boulangeot, eventually taking over the Boulangeot shop. Coné spent many years working in Lyon, being appointed the luthier of the conservatory and Lyon’s philharmonic orchestra. Coné’s success at making drew many fine players to him and to purchase his instruments. This violin is deeply flamed and the large (f) holes along with the slightly elongated corpus help add to the gorgeous tone. Coné’s choice of wood reflects a distinctive quality to his encompassing work. The varnish is rich and intense, a deep red-wine oil varnish which is clear and attractive. The instrument also shows off his underlying coats of a golden ground which would have been applied first. The scroll contains the blackened edges on the chamfer, typical of fine French work. We have completed and carved rosewood fittings, new fingerboard, nut, sound post and a Despiau Grade A French bridge to compliment the violin. Though in excellent condition for a violin over 100 years old, what captures you most about Coné’s work is the violin’s sound. The instrument has a sweet upper range and a deep, mature lower register. The tone is stunning. It is rich, inviting, full of clarity and power. The violin is in excellent condition and ready for a serious player. A violinist will fall in love with the acoustics and with its frame.

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