Francis Pittock Presentation Violin – Model 625, Great Sound! – SOLD SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 –


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This commissioned violin was made in the workshop of Amati Fine Instruments in 2010 along with four other violins that were special presentation instruments made for former students of professor Pittock. This violin was carved under the supervision of a master violin maker and made from well-aged spruce for the top and heavily flamed maple for the back and ribs. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are similar to that seen in fine Italian violins. The outstanding sound of the violin is also a testimony to the detail in which the plates were carved. The grain on the spruce top plate is perfectly straight and consistent in width. The two-piece back plate, neck, and scroll all match in degree of flame while the fittings are carved in boxwood. The violin is a Stradivarius model with a slightly antiqued hand applied oil varnish in a deep orange/brown color on a golden amber ground. We have meticulously gone over the entire violin with touch up varnish work on the edges, a new corner, camber of the ebony fingerboard, and rework of the nut. This violin is a gem.

Corpus 359.0 mm., Major Width 205.0 mm., Minor Width 164.0 mm., Rib Height 31.0 mm tapering to 30.0 mm.

The violin has depth in the sound and a well-focused core. The sound will make a player melt, take the violin off his or her shoulder and mouth the word, WOW!!! The G and D strings resonate with warmth, and I liken the sound to the best chocolate you have tasted in recent years. It’s a smooth mature sound with sustain and presence. In addition to the bottom end, the treble side of the violin sounds gorgeous, slightly brighter in its color and vibrancy. The upper end has strength and rings with ease. The sound is unmatched at this price range.

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