F. N. Voirin A PARIS – French Model Bass Bow, circa 1950 – SOLD 12/28/2019


This is a very nice French model bass bow. Made of pernambuco specie wood, it’s octagonal in section, nickel mount, whalebone winding with leather grip, and has a bone tip. The stick is well balanced, strong, and responded well playing off the string articulations and cranking with legato stokes on the A & E strings. The F.N. VOIRIN A PARIS stamp on the players side is a trade name and it contains the stamp FRANCE on the bottom flat behind the frog near the endscrew. The bow is in fact a German-made bow marketed with the French pseudonym. This bow may have been made in the Roth or Seifert firms. The bow was imported to the West, possibly by Metropolitan Music, after WWII. German makers to survive branded and stamped bows with French names and country of origin stamps to get their well-made items sold in the West. This stick is a higher-grade nickel mount bass bow in that it is an octagonal section stick. The wood used for octagonal bows were almost always a better grade of wood in look and in strength. C

Weight fully haired 135.7 grams.

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