F.K. Müller Silver Ebony Viola Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1940’s


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We have a branded pernambuco specie F.K. Müller (b. 1893 – d. ?) viola bow. The octagonal-section sterling silver bow has an ebony frog with a three-piece endscrew. Müller was a bow maker in the famed area of Markneukirchen, Germany. The string instrument industry flourished in Markneukirchen because of the quality of instruments being made and exported. The violin making in the region also brought with it other related businesses like string producers, lumbering wood industries, importers and exporters, working rail and water systems, case makers, and many bow makers who opened workshops too. These workshops were among the oldest and most important in Germany. Müller probably knew and spent time with August Rau and the Pfretzschner family who had thriving workshops in Markneukirchen. These shops were known for their outstanding bow work and earned international acclaim for teaching students and discovering new and creative bow makers. H.R. Pfretzschner was the last student of J.B. Vuillaume and was instrumental in bringing French bow making standards to Germany. The viola bow has a sterling silver winding and a Parisian eye frog with a wider 2.0 mm silver ring around the mother-of-pearl eye. The player’s side of the frog features an engraving of the maker’s bust and the bow has the GERMANY brand on the bottom flat of the stick.

Weight fully haired 73.2 grams.

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