Everest EW-4 Flamed Maple Wood Pattern Shoulder Rest


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Everest Flamed Maplewood Imprinted Violin Shoulder Rest is the latest addition to the Everest Shoulder Rest product line. This violin shoulder rest is one of the most beautiful and comfortable shoulder rests on the market.

Curvature and profile of these shoulder rests is identical to our Everest Easy Model (EZ) Series shoulder rests, so you can expect these shoulder rests to provide the same excellent comfort and durability. We have developed a technique to carefully print these shoulder rests with customized Flamed Maplewood Pattern. This elegant maplewood pattern matches exactly with the wood grain of high end professional violins, thus making the shoulder rest blend in as an aesthetically integral part of the instrument.

This is a non-collapsible shoulder rest.

Only available in 3/4 to 4/4 size.