Eugen Meinel 23600 VN Bow Frog
Eugen Meinel 23600 VN Bow FrogEugen Meinel 23600 VN Bow Tip

Eugen Meinel


The E.H. Roth workshop of Markneukirchen used the name Eugen Meinel for their high-end trade bows during the 1920's and 30's and this bow is an excellent example of the craftsmanship they put into their work. This round-section pernambuco bow fully mounted in silver tapers beautifully to the tip, and has a sleek ebony frog that features a mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eyes. The silver button with its ebony cap is a stylish finish to the bow.

The bow is stamped “Eugen Meinel” on the player side and “Germany” on the underside of the bow.

Weight fully haired 60.8 grams.