Ernst Heinrich Roth – Workshop Violin, Stradivarius Model circa 1930 -1935 – SOLD FEBRUARY 22, 2023 –


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Copy of Antonius Stradivarius
made under the supervision of (Germany)
Ernst Heinrich Roth

Ernst Heinrich Roth lived from 1877 to 1948. He was a master luthier and owned a large and successful violin making shop in the East German town of Markneukirchen, located near the border of today’s Czech Republic. The company continued successfully until the beginning of the Third Reich. From that time onwards, the political climate prohibited the sale of fine instruments to countries unfriendly towards Nazi Germany. Ernst Heinrich Roth I, died in Markneukirchen in 1948 and his son Albert Roth, took over the management of the business and in 1953 relocated it to Bubenreuth, West Germany. Today the shop continues and is run by Ernst Heinrich Roth III and his son Wilhelm Roth. The workshop made over 14 traditional models of instruments, including Strad and Guarneri models. The company and their instruments are held in high regard and their instruments are very much sought after, having beautiful workmanship and a powerful sound. Our Roth violin is a Stradivari model 120 with the standard orange/brown classic varnish color. This violin was made in Markneukirchen but does not contain a brand. The violin has the traditional beautiful selection of woods, is well made, and has no issues. We have cut all new ebony fittings for the violin an added a German Wittner tail piece.

Corpus 359.0 mm., Major Width 208.0 mm., Minor Width 171.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The sound is powerful and pleasant to listen to. The G and D strings exhibit enough sustain and strength to get me to continue playing and take better notice of the instrument. The typical Strad arching helps the violin produce power throughout all four voices. The treble strings lean slightly to the brighter side with good core strength and a focused tone. The clarity of the violin as well as the response off the strings are well above average. I believe this would make a great violin for a fiddler looking for drive and a clean crisp sound that jumps. The instrument has a very good sound and at the same time is inviting with how easy it is to play.