Early 20th Century Czech Strad Model Violin


Are you looking for a European violin that has been played, feels great in the hand, set up well and is in good condition? This instrument is a nice find, one that has character. The patina age is real, which is a great sign. It’s been played and is possibly close to 90 years old. The spruce top plate speaks well, known as the tone-wood while the instrument has a matching curly maple back, ribs, neck and scroll. The woods are beautiful. The instruments arching in the plates, over-all weight and the ebony fittings add to the appearance and character. One can see chisel marks in the interior and exterior of the scroll. The tool marks were never worked out to a completely scraped finished. But the scroll jumps out because of the work on the chamfers. They have been finished with a blackened edge almost giving the appearance or suggesting that the violin is of the French School. The spirit varnish is an orange (red -brown) on an amber ground.
The bottom end speaks well and is slightly woody in tone. The instrument has a nice sustain throughout and the treble is brighter in tone. A very nice instrument for the intermediate or beginner player.

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