E. Martin German Trade Violin circa 1955-1960


This violin is an excellent example of higher quality trade violins that were coming out of Germany even after the war. This instrument was made in the hot spot of violin making. All of the materials were around them and they must have had and endless supply of African ebony too. This is the area of Germany where young apprentices 12-13 years old began learning their trade working alongside other journeymen and master luthiers. Our violin appears older than the 1955 year. The antiqued varnish work makes the instrument look a little distressed and it appears older than it actually is. Good craftsmanship, nice lines, and excellent arching help make this violin stand out.
The sound has some depth to it and the response is fantastic for this level of violin. The notes are clean and clear. The instrument even responded to a very light touch in the bow. I liked the treble side and the bottom end helps make this violin stand out among instruments in its price range.