Conrad Götz, Vuillaume Style Violin Bow, circa 1960


This violin bow is in excellent to mint condition. Purchased from an old shop that Mr. Judd believes never made it out of its original box to a show room floor. Conrad Götz took over ownership of the store from 1960-1979 located in Erlangen, Germany. This bow is from the late 1960’s. It is sterling silver mounted with Conrad Götz branded on the stick and has the Götz stamp on the frog. This bow is strong/firm in octagonal section and of pernambuco specie. The ebony frog is Vuillaume style with all tastefully crafted round edges and it is absent of an eye – known as a blind eye frog. This ebony frog is elegant in its simplicity. The bow has a balance point in the middle to lower half giving the player complete control especially in quick articulations. The bow contains an imitation whale bone winding with leather lap and leather thumb grip. The bow also contains a sterling silver tip. The bow has received new hair and a re-centering of the brass eye. That’s it. Yes, the bow is stunning, pristine with everything original on the stick. This is a real find for a serious player.

Weight fully haired 58.9 grams.