Beautiful Old Markneukirchen Violin, Late 19th Century – SOLD 4/2/2019


Bears the label:

Nicolaus Amatus fecit
In Cremona 1679

This is a high grade older Markneukirchen violin. There is no brand with an exact makers name, just a trade Italian sounding label. Mr. Judd believes this instrument to be from a very serious German workshop. This late 19th century maker was a true craftsman at the height of the German violin making renaissance. During this period of time (1840-1930) the towns of Markneukirchen and Brambach Germany were at the pinnacle of German violin making. We have restored this fine violin with a new corner, taken the top off and checked out the entire corpus inside and out and carved a new ebony fingerboard and nut. The instrument is fitted in traditional ebony pegs, tail, and chin rest and has a Despiau Grade B bridge which is from a 200 plus year old maple tree. The corpus length of the violin is 360.0 mm. but the vibrating length has been placed at 330.0 mm making it comfortable to play. This additional body length and the slightly exaggerated (f) holes add to the overall sound.
In tonal character the violin has a warm rich darker tonal color. Mr. Judd describes the instruments sound as a knock out. This violin will not last long here in the shop. The rich bottom sound is complemented with an engaging beautiful treble E and A. The violin is very responsive, great sustain with a smooth quality that makes it inviting and easy to play. I would also describe the full tonal character of the instrument as refined. This violin has the old-world look, stunning patina and for its age great condition. It is a terrific choice for a talented player.

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