Beautiful Old J. B. Sweitzer Violin, circa 1910



Pietro Tononi me fecit
Bologna 1770

This German violin has an exquisite one-piece maple back which is typical of Sweitzer violins. It contains making pins on the plate which are still visible and varnish technique which are spot on J.B. Sweitzer look. The instrument has a two-piece spruce top medium-width grain. The violin is finished in all ebony fittings and the instrument catches your eye because it is in excellent condition. It’s an oil varnish which shows signs of very light crackling on the back plate. The varnish is antiqued and shows natural and artistically created patina, making the violin even older than it is.

The instrument has a well-balanced powerful sound. It’s is fun to play on especially in regard to the sound produced on the D and G strings. The full tonal overtones and richness of the bottom end stand out. It’s a quality of sound usually found on higher valued instruments. The treble strings produced a wonderful sound too and just a slightly brighter color. Mr. Judd found the violin easy to play and get around. The entire tonal palate has a rich warm sound and the violin is definitely worth taking a look at.

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