Beautiful Old “French Red” Mirecourt Violin circa 1910 – SOLD 8/5/2020


Label reads:

Copie de
Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis
Faciebat Anno 1721

This Mirecourt instrument was made in the most famous region for violin making in all of France. Known for its small violin making shops and quality output, the area is responsible for many fine instruments being made with much hand work. The violin is finished in a traditional French Red varnish. This classic trade look for the instrument is right on for the period. This violin is in great condition and has had a new set of ebony pegs, new fingerboard and nut, sound post, and bridge. The instrument’s patina is gorgeous, and the violin feels very nice in the hand. It is light and comfortable to play and has been well loved over the years.
The G and D strings are rich and have guts while the A and E strings compliment the bottom, rich but not too bright. I found the top end to be a delight to play on. The violin has power and the sound projects. This violin has age, a great tone, a great look, and is looking for a new home.

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