Beautiful OLD European, Violin, Circa 1850-1870 – Fantastic Sound! – SOLD JANUARY 20, 2022 –


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This is a gorgeous older European violin with many French characteristics. The violin is a Magini model with a scroll cut in the classic tradition, not with the extra turn. The instrument features a special purfled back plate in a geometric design all hand cut specifically associated with luthiers working at the Vuillaume Shop in the mid 1800’s in Paris. I believe this violin to be a gem, longer in the body length, double purfled, and well-graduated arching in the plates. The instrument has exceptional woods. The ribs and back plate have a high degree of flame while the top plate has a tight fine-grain spruce. The neck is a graft, and the varnish look is classic. The oil varnish is laden with natural patina and playing wear. The varnish and condition of the instrument is very good. We have meticulously gone over the violin; removing the top plate to check out all the linings (which also have me leaning to the French workshop origin) and reworked the end block to realign the rib system on the bottom of the violin. It has received new ebony fittings including the fingerboard, nut, and pegs. We have also cut a new bridge and soundpost.

Corpus 364.0 mm., Major Width 215.0 mm., Minor Width 170.5 mm., Rib Height 29.0 mm.

The sound quality is gorgeous. The bass sound is warm but with strength and power. The response off the strings is terrific. The sound leans to a slightly darker tone and the violin simply rings even with a lighter touch on the bow. The sound is smooth like velvet and is just as nice on the treble side too. The sound is sweet but not over strident. The violin has a fantastic overall sound. A player who falls in love with this violin will have a European violin they won’t want to put down.

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