Beautiful Markneukirchen Strad Pattern Violin c. 1930


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This trade instrument in very good condition. It was made in the most famous German violin making region, Markneukirchen. The area had the natural resources of forest, high level of instrument making, and attention to detail Bohemian and Czech immigrants who flocked to the area. Families that owned these shops set high standards and establish guilds to attain and maintain quality. That made a huge difference over the years in quality and output. Markneukirchen produced fine instruments at a reasonable price, many of which made it to North America.

The instrument has traditional Stradivarius arching of the plates which adds to the power and focus of the sound. The violin has rosewood fittings and a beautiful choice of wood throughout. The back has some tight, smaller-width flame that descends from the center seam and the ribs match in degree of the flame. The maple neck jumps and pegbox is in perfect condition. The varnish adds great character, giving the violin a classic look with amber/brown varnish that is tastefully antiqued. Over the years a natural patina has developed and for sure some natural playing wear which has only added to the charm of the instrument. It’s lightweight and easy to get around as well as being in very good condition.

Corpus 360.0 mm., Major Width 209.0 mm., Minor Width 171.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 – 31.0 mm

The violin has depth in the sound and a nice focus in its core area- the 1st – 5th positions. It lays well and is comfortable to play; with ease I call it, and the G and D string resonate with warmth. The lower strings project well and are very nice up in the 3rd and 5th positions. The sound on the lower end is powerful but very pleasant to listen to, almost smooth in its texture. The treble side is slightly brighter in its color and vibrancy. These high strings put out some power too. The violin is very even in its sound and tonal color. The violin surprised me as to how well the instrument resonates. It projects with very little bow pressure and handles much stronger playing when I laid into it. This is an excellent sleeper violin that will put a smile on the face of a player looking to get a European violin under 3K.