Baroque Period – Non-Branded Copy – SOLD 2/1/2020


This 71.2 cm long copy of a baroque violin bow features a snakewood frog and an ebony endscrew. Baroque bows are different in construction and use. The modern violin bow contains an inward curve, or camber, in the middle to make it usable with the higher, hatchet-shaped head while the baroque bow will look straight or bent outwards under playing tension though it is still generally relaxed. The baroque violin bow is almost always made of strong, dense snakewood, and terminates in a lower, elegant “pike” or “swan-bill” head. The bow was roughly 58–63 cm long until about 1720, and was later called a “short bow” during the 18th century after the advent of “long bows,” which are 68–72 cm in length. The screw mechanism that is now used to change the hair tension first came about in 1747. Simply, this bow is fun to have. If you are playing Bach or Vivaldi, this copy of a baroque bow is a great find.

Weight fully haired 50.1 grams.

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