Amedeé Dieudonne 16.5″


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Bears the label:

Ch. J.B. Collin-Mézin
1950 Luthier
Grand Prix – Exposition Universelle 1900
Made in France Paris No 46

This authentic French viola is attractive and in near-perfect condition. It has artistic corners and a finely-carved scroll. It contains two-piece top and back plates, all finished in an amber/brown oil varnish on a golden ground. The instrument is labelled Ch. J.B. Collin-Mézin, Mirecourt 1950, No. 46 and was made by a colleague, Amedeé Dieudonne of Mirecourt. There are papers from William Moennig & Son supporting this maker. The tone is big, smooth, and with great response. It has a well-balanced sound from bottom to top with great sustain.

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