A. Jaudt, Markneukirchen early 19th Century Violin – SOLD 8/7/2019


Gorgeous one-piece older German violin made by Anton Jaudt. Jaudt was born in Munich, Germany and worked in Freissing from 1830-1870. The instrument is slightly smaller in modeling with beautiful flame figured maple. The maker found woods for this instrument over 180 years ago that are simply stunning. The maple and spruce trees alone probably began growing in the early 1600’s. The violin has had a neck graft, bushings on all four pegs, all new cut fittings, handsome lines, which are not the typical Strad pattern contours and the (f) holes are cut slightly oversized for the corpus of the violin.
It’s not just the look of this violin that is cool and different. The violin has this lush full sound, yet highly responsive. It’s dark in character, not so bright a sound, which is very nice. The G string is full and gutsy; a distinctive sound that doesn’t overpower the rest of the voices. The tone is consistent throughout its range both in terms of its tonal strength and volume. The violin has a warm tone that is so inviting and extends right up through the E into high positions. I could feel this violin pumping and vibrating as I played it. This violin is Wow on my list! This instrument is ready for another player to take it on its journey for another 60 plus years.

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