18th Century Italian Violin, Hybrid – Birdseye Back Plate – Wonderful Sound!


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We are offering a violin with all the hallmarks of old Italian workmanship. This violin is full of character and waiting for the player who loves older instruments. The arch in the top plate is higher than the back and the top does contain many restored fractures, primarily in the lower bout. The violin has a finely done neck graft and two sets of bushing in the scroll. We have added a thin shim to the top of the neck to slightly raise the projection. We also added a new fingerboard, nut, a new set of ebony pegs after bushing all eight holes, new bridge (200-year-old French Maple Despiau B grade blank), sound post, ebony tailpiece, end button, and chin rest. The instrument in good condition for its age and the patina that has developed in the varnish gives the instrument even more charm. The top plate contains traditional purfling while the back plate has purfling that has been inked on in a Maggini style. The back plate is over the top beautiful consisting of one-piece Birdseye maple. I believe this back to be added on to the instrument at a later date. This merger of the back plate or change is called a hybrid. It is truly inspiring to think about what this old violin from the 1700’s must have been through and played not to mention all the restorations and repairs that have occurred.

Corpus 355.0 mm, Major Width 199.0 mm., – Minor Width 165.5 mm, Rib Height 28.0-29.0 mm

The sound on the violin is over the top beautiful. This is a WOW! in my book and simply the best reason for a player to fall in love with an instrument. The bottom end is warm and lush like a great cup of dark coffee with a touch of cream. The response off the strings is quick and the tone quality mature and rich. The treble strings ring and have strength with clarity of tone. This treble sound compliments the low end and as a player the instrument lays well and is very comfortable. The violin responded to aggressive playing, handling it well, and on the other hand it also had great response with very little pressure from the bow. This will make a fantastic instrument for the player looking for that different sound. An old violin, a hybrid, the merger of another older violin back, with a wonderful sound.