1880’s Amati Pattern – Berlin, Germany – SOLD 6/22/2018


Bears the label:

Manufactured in Berlin
Special Copy of
Nicolaus Amati.

This 1880's violin was crafted in the Lowendall workshop in Berlin, Germany and brought to American shores by noted New York City violin maker George Gemunder. Age has given this instrument a lovely patina; it looks like what it is, an instrument of age made by masters long since gone. The instrument has had repairs on the top plate. The violin contains a sound post patch, cleating and some doubling of the inside top plate edges. One should not overlook this instrument because of the work. This violin would sell for twice its price in mint condition but it very much deserves a look because of its fantastic sound quality. Tonally, you can take your pick; the E and A strings give a sweet sound that is not overly bright, and the bottom end projects a richness with guts. Its response is up to the challenge for any playing style, from the most demanding to the lightest touch. Mr. Judd loves this violin for the serious fiddler who is into Scottish and Irish music and/or American Bluegrass. This violin is a winner.

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